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4 best platforms to build ecommerce websites

ecommerce websites

Recently I was helping a friend to setup an online store which led me to do a comprehensive research on the available platforms to build an eCommerce websites. After spending couple of days and few hours on internet I gathered some details which I thought to share with you. The information shared in this post is strictly my views only; it has nothing to do with promoting any of discussed platforms.

There can be lot of ways to classify these platforms but I would classify them to a broader group that is the hosting.  There can be two ways these websites are stored on the Internet, either Hosted or Self Hosted.


5 Startups killing demonetization and leveraging it

Startups levaraging demonetization

While the entire world was busy guessing “the next POTUS” (President of the United States), Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a surgical strike on Black economy banning all old 500 and 1000 notes. In financial terms this is known as “Demonetization” and became one of the most searched word in Google after 8th of November 2016.


How Insensitive – The Startups

How Insensitive - The Startups

In this section, we are showcasing videos on Startups. Some videos are fun to watch with hillarious comedy and some are with extra load of humour. So just sit back, relax & enjoy the videos.